e-Learning Design

I provide consultations on the planning and development of scalable online degree programmes and offer an economic evaluation of required investments.

I help to design inclusive online learning environments, with embedded support systems. 

Emmanuel Theological


More Music

Emmanuel Theological College


The project was commissioned by the Bishop of Burnley, Church of England. Emmanuel theological college was established in 2021 as a result of a merge of three campus-based theological colleges. The college offers blended academic programmes at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels validated by the University of Durham Common Awards. College educators have significant experience delivering face-to-face programmes but were required support in e-Learning development. An initial analysis of the unique educational and religious mission of the college resulted in the proposal of e-Learning deployment plan. 


Consultancy work covered:

  • Analysis of the existing instructional design models for blended learning provision.
  • Selection of an adequate blended learning design model and its adaptation to the unique educational and religious mission of the Emmanuel theological college. 
  • Translation of the customised model into the actionable plan of blended learning delivery.



This is the UK Economic and Social Research Council-funded consultancy work for insendi titled “Learning Designers’ experiences of adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned”. It aimed to examine the transition of the intervied learning designers to the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic working environments. Ethical clearance to publish the result of the research was obtained from Lancaster University. 


We employed a qualitative research design to interview seven learning designers working at different educational levels and in various geographical locations. Using a grounded theory approach, we examined their transition to the COVID-19 pandemic environment, described challenges they faced during the transition, and summarised learnt lessons that can be translated to the post-pandemic period. The results of this consultancy work assisted the organisation to better understand the challenges faced by in-house learning designers and adjust provided support and training accordingly. The organisation also benefited from gaining insights and valuable lessons from external learning designers to develop more informed learning design agendas.

Research outcomes

Rotar, O. (2021) Learning designers’ experiences: preliminary findings around adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic

Rotar, O., Peller-Semmens, C. (in preparation). Cheese has been moved: lessons learnt from the learning designers’ experiences of adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic and a post-pandemic working environment

More Music (postponed)


More Music is a music and education charity based in Morecambe, the United Kingdom. It has over 25 years of experience delivering workshops, training, performances and festivals across the district, region and beyond. More Music seeks to develop a pedagogically inclusive online course for music leaders.


The project involves a design of an online course for leaders in music production under the Quality Matters standards. The design is guided by the adopted 3 “C” model (Bird, 2007) into a 4″C” model. Tailored for the partner’s needs, the new model embraces community concerns as a fourth guiding principle, alongside three other elements- content, knowledge construction and consolidation

Employing the 4 “C” model, the design consists of 3 phases:

  • Development of the course analysis grid.
  • Development of the course activity map.
  • Development of the weekly programmes.

The design focuses on ensuring an inclusive learning environment, with culturally inclusive and accessible learning materials, images and other resources designed to support learners with different needs and from various socio-economic background